5S Champions


5S Champions

DHT recognizes select individuals as “5S Champions” for their continuous hard work and dedication to the DHT 5S Program. These individuals have taken the lead in driving DHT’s housekeeping initiatives, process and quality improvements and have been a mentor to other employees during the 5S implementation.

DHT started their 5S journey in June 2018 and it has become a way of life by improving efficiencies and promoting safe working environments.


5S Champions:

  • Hector Fantoni, Bending Department
  • Yoel Mota Calderon, HVAC Department
  • Malik Redfern, HVAC Department
  • Wallik Redfern, Lindy Coil Department
  • John Williams, Central Department
  • David Ventura, Heat Exchanger (Assembly) Department
  • Rasheem Coley, Shipping Department
  • Michael Grover, HVAC Department
  • Lisa Rollo, Sales Administration
  • Timothy Hopkins, Machine Shop
  • Sarabjit Singh, Engineering
  • Kalia Ferreira, Sales Administration