Water Heaters

The NEW DHT state of the art control system offers unmatched performance and full user configurability for water heater applications. It features a durable temperature sensor transmitting a millivolt signal through quality twisted shielded wiring. The signal transmits directly into the advanced PID controller, which in turn sends a signal to the electrically activated fully modulating and fast acting three-way control valve with high turndown to achieve accurate temperature control over various demand situations. The control valve can also be configured for straight through two-way operation when used with VFD pumps. Unit can also be integrated with Building Management System via Modbus and BacNet standard for remote monitoring or domestic supply water temperature control. Optional communications gateway is also available for other communication protocols.


  • 4.3 HMI Touchscreen
  • Feedforward Logic Controller includes 1/8 DIN with LCD display (back-up interface)
  • Boiler Water Inlet and Outlet Temp Sensors (optional)
  • Fault Log
  • Trending/Graphing
  • RS485 MODBUS® Data Port
  • Compatibility with Modbus and BacNet BAS system standard without the need for external gateway.
  • Optional gateway is available for all other protocols
  • Ethernet connection
  • Data Logging
  • Remote Monitoring: Through Ethernet Connection