Vigilante Oil Preheaters

Built for long life with little maintenance, Vigilante Fuel Oil Preheaters employ a tube-in-tube coil bundle design, constructed with seamless shells and heavy, cast iron heads. Combined with copper outer tubes, carbon steel inner tubes, precision machined gasket surfaces, and fully expanded tube depth, this design assures efficient, dependable performance.

The Vigilante comes with an exclusive safety feature to prevent costly mishaps. If this unit begins to fail, a built-in sight glass changes color the moment leaking oil mixes with the surrounding heat transfer fluid. The discoloration catches the operator’s eye, eliminating oil return to the boiler and preventing costly contamination of the heating system.

Vigilante Fuel Oil Preheaters meet the latest requirements of ASME code for Unfired Pressure Vessels, are approved by the New York City Board of Standards & Appeals, Calendar No. 246-60-SA, and are accepted by the Dept. of Air Resources of the City of New York.