Earth Day 2020


Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and at DHT sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our sustainability commitment is integrated into our Company’s strategy and is based on four pillars

  • Energy: Operate in an energy-efficient manner that is safe for the environment and workforce
  • Transportation: Create processes and practices that optimize loads to minimize mileage, emissions, and carbon footprint.
  • Innovation: Through innovation build more sustainable products, processes and, practices
  • Waste: Manufacture with minimal waste and environmental impact to reduce carbon emissions

We are excited to say in the past year DHT has made many strides in our commitment towards sustainability.

  • Energy: We converted our entire facility to LED lighting reducing our electric consumption for lighting by 40%+.
  • Transportation: By partnering with Target Freight Management we have been able to optimize shipments to minimize mileage, emissions, and carbon footprint.
  • Transportation: For local deliveries, we have upgraded our DHT truck which has allowed us to reduce our gasoline consumption by 10% and lower our carbon emissions.
  • Innovation: We are sourcing more environmentally friendly materials and introducing innovative technologies that minimize our facility’s footprint. We have also incorporated 5S and lean manufacturing practices to reduce our consumption, integrate new technology, and increase the efficiency of our production.
  • Innovation: We have introduced new products and technology to help our customers implement and enhance their sustainability initiatives by lowering operating costs through savings on space, power, lowering their carbon footprints, and supporting cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • Waste: We have expanded our corporate recycling initiative to include glass and plastics. Combine this with our existing manufacturing recycling of different metals (copper, stainless steel, etc.) and paper/cardboard we are now at 100% recycling levels.
  • Waste: All DHT employees and visitors are being supplied with reusable water containers allowing us to continue to reduce our plastic usage.

DHT is committed to the conservation and sustainability of running our business in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment. From our offices through our manufacturing facility, we believe operational excellence and collaboration with our customers and suppliers is the way forward in working towards one goal – a cleaner, stronger and more sustainable world for generations to come.