June- National Safety Month


June is an important month for safety, as it is National Safety Month according to the National Safety Council. At DHT/SEB, we take safety very seriously and it is our top priority. We are always striving to improve our safety measures to ensure our employees are protected. Here are some of the ways we keep our employees safe during this important month and beyond.

Eye Protection: Proper eye protection is crucial to minimize the risk of significant eye injury and protect employees. As a safety measure, DHT requires that all employees on the manufacturing floor wear appropriate eye protection. This simple step can go a long way towards ensuring the well-being of our team members and preventing unnecessary accidents.


Gloves: At DHT, we take skin protection very seriously. That’s why we require gloves for any hands-on activity on the manufacturing floor, no matter what task you’re performing. Whether you’re operating machinery or not, we want to ensure that our employees are safe and always protected.


Steel-Toed Boots: For the safety of our welders, we require steel-toed boots at DHT. It’s important to wear them when working in a high-temperature welding environment where sparks and falling equipment are a concern. We want to ensure that our employees are protected from any accidents that may occur on the job..


Open Communication: At DHT, we take the safety of our employees very seriously. We believe that communication is key to improving our safety policies, which is why we constantly strive to hear from our workers about their needs and concerns. By listening to their feedback, we’re able to develop policies and procedures that provide the protection they need to complete their work safely and effectively. Our goal is to create a safe and secure workplace for everyone, and we’re committed to making that happen through open communication and a commitment to continuous improvement.


The 5S Methodology: As a team, we have implemented the 5S methodology in our workplace to ensure that everything is clean and organized. We have designated the last 15 minutes of every day as our 5S time, during which we follow up on the cleaning of individual booths and common areas. We also update our 5S cleaning chart daily and make sure that our racks and material presentation are kept in an organized manner. Each team member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves in all common areas, which helps to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. By following these practices, we are able to work more efficiently and effectively, which ultimately benefits both our team and our customers.