Plumbing Engineer – 2017 Manufacturer Spotlight- Water Heaters


2017 Manufacturer Spotlight- Water Heaters

Diversified Heat Transfer (DHT) is a leading engineering and manufacturing company of heat exchange equipment and systems. With over 70 years of experience, DHT has established a reputation for exceptional quality and dependability with customers around the world.  DHT offers a complete line of indirect water heaters that provide flexible, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety residential and commercial applications.

Techtanium Indirect Water Heaters are ideal for residential and certain commercial applications.  Available in a range of sizes (20-119 gallons), the Techtanium works with any hydronic heat source for domestic hot water. It’s designed with an extra-large heat exchanger surface area to provide a high recovery and continuous flow for abundant hot water.  The titanium glass lining allows for high elasticity that adapts to expansion and contraction for added strength and durability while providing a resistant layer of protection against corrosion. The exterior steel jacket is powder coated for a lasting exterior appearance, and the polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation reduces standby heat loss.  All models are supplied magnesium anti-corrosion anodes for easy maintenance.

Supertherm Indirect-Fired, Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters are the perfect solution for engineers and facility owners/managers who need high recovery capacity in a small space. They’re constructed of stainless steel pipe and other non-ferrous materials to ensure long leak-free operation. Designed for continuous high peak loads, the Supertherm is ideal for high-demand applications, such as hospitals, high-rises and dormitories.

The units are engineered using steam, boiler water or HTHW as the heating medium. The semi-instantaneous operation provides high output by channeling the incoming cold water directly over the heat exchanger tubes in a controlled manner.   Strategically, this maximizes the heat transfer rate compared to conventional, stratified heat exchanger convection systems. The velocity of water and pressure drop are electronically controlled by changing water flow directly across the heat exchanger, which increases heat transfer and inhibits scale formation.  DHT offers single and double wall construction and a wide range of materials.

The SuperTherm is the perfect fit for tight spaces. The vertical configuration requires less than four square feet of floor space. Plus, the tube bundle can be easily removed from the bottom of the unit to eliminate the need for overhead space. Horizontal configurations with rack mounted stands are also available.

SuperPlate Indirect- Fired, Semi-Instantaneous Water Heater incorporates the company’s field-proven PID controller with high-efficiency plate and frame or brazed plate heat exchangers to satisfy potable water heating needs in commercial and institutional environments. The packaged system utilizes simple, real-time load tracking and responsive controls to maintain accurate hot water temperature under various load patterns.

The SuperPlate can efficiently produce up to 150 GPM of 140° F domestic hot water. The units can be coupled with all medium, normal, and low-temperature condensing boiler water to achieve high efficiency in an optimal space. The control system features durable RTD temperature sensors transmitting a 4-20 MA signal. The signal transmits directly into the PID controller, which in turn sends a signal to the electrically activated two- or three-way control valve to achieve accurate temperatures.

Maintenance is easy. The flanged victualic or union connections allow for the complete removal of the heat exchangers without disturbing piping. Isolation valves, inlet strainer, and backflush connections are provided for scheduled maintenance.