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Designer and Manufacturer of Top Quality HVAC Coils

We manufacture top quality HVAC coils for every OEM and replacement application, with fast turnaround. Industrial and Residential producers of Tankless coils, brazed plate, plate & frame, shell & tube heat exchangers, pool and spa heaters and oil preheaters.

Diversified Heat Transfer has been manufacturing, engineering and designing heating and cooling coils for over 30 years. Throughout the industry, DHT is known for superior quality and service.

Diversified designs and duplicates coils that are specifically engineered, obsolete or produced by other manufacturers for HVAC and industrial applications. DHT houses state of the art facilities, combined with superior knowledge and experience to offer the service and reliability customers have grown to expect. An engineer is always on staff to assist you with specifications no matter how big or small the job may be.

Due to our plentiful stock of raw materials as well as a mission to accommodate, DHT offers special 24 hour, 2-3 day, 5-7 day shipments for emergency situations and 2 to 3 weeks represents our standard ship cycle.

Quality Assurance is guaranteed at DHT. All coils are tested with water or nitrogen to at least 300 psi for 30 minutes. First, all units are examined to insure the correct tolerances. Finally our QA engineer verifies that each coil is built to specifications. ARI and ASME available.

Water Coils

Water Coils

Chilled and hot water coils available
Direct Expansion Coils

Direct Expansion Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils available
Steam Coils

Steam Coils

Standard steam and steam distributing coils available. Coils using over 100 psi steam require 90/10 cupronickel tube.
Specialty & Custom Coils

Specialty & Custom Coils

Coils can be manufactured using various materials to meet the design application. Application requiring 1000 psi steam or 3000 F dry bulb are not uncommon.

Quality is Built into every Coil

Tube materials consist of copper, 90/10 cupronickel, stainless steel or carbon steel. Standard diameters range from 3/8" to 1" O.D.; using 0.018" to 0.065" wall.

Casings are constructed of galvanized, copper, stainless or carbon steel plate. 16 gauge plate is standard, but thickness up to 8 gauge is available.

Fast Turnaround is a commitment at DHT. Our years of experience in heat transfer products and large inventory of raw materials enable us to offer the most efficient service and support in the industry.

Fins can be either plate or helical (I-footed or solder bonded). Materials consist of aluminum, copper or carbon steel. Fin spacing is available from 4 to 14 fins per inch.

Quality assurance is guaranteed at DHT. All coils are tested three times before leaving our facility. First, all material is examined to insure specified tolerances. Second, all coils are hydrostatically tested to 300 psi. Finally, our QA engineer verifies that each coil is built to specifications.

Specialty & Custom Coils Water Coil
Specialty & Custom Coils Steam Coil